Insurance Brokers WhangareiThinking about your own mortality, becoming seriously ill, injured or dying, is a scary thought that many would rather avoid. However, you are your own biggest asset, and in order to prepare for an unknown future and to make sure you and your loved ones are covered if the unforeseen should happen, insurance is an absolute must.

Depending on your situation, your assets, lifestyle and possible dependents, there are a range of insurance options worthwhile considering. Boost Brokers can help you secure your financial future through our local partnership with local insurance brokers, offering insurance packages that are tailored to your individual circumstances. We work closely with our insurance adviser partners who can offer advice on how to protect you, your family and your finances.

You will have a partner by your side that provides ongoing support even if your circumstances change. We can help you understand policy details including the fine print and will manage the entire application process for you. We will also assist you whenever you need to make a claim and you can talk to us if you are currently insured and looking at reviewing or changing existing policies.

Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out what kind of insurance works best for you and what cover you might need.

Home & Contents

Protecting your property inside and out is one of the most important decisions to make. Home and content insurance covers you against loss, theft or damage to your personal possessions inside and around the house. We can also help you cover your vehicles as well as motorhomes, campervans, trailers and boats.

In addition to protecting the contents of your home, the right insurance will also help you cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home and choosing a builder that suits your needs in case of damage. And if your home becomes unsafe to stay in, home insurance will provide you with alternative accommodation until another solution is found.

Income Protection

If you are unable to work after falling seriously ill, having an accident or suffering from mental health issues, income protection will pay out a monthly sum to help you pay for your living costs. There is usually a specified wait time before the insurance kicks in which is determined at the time you apply. Wait times generally start at 30 days, and payments are made continuously for a period from around 6 months up to the age of 65, depending on your situation.

Income protection is available for employees and self-employed business owners. Optional policy benefits range from including financial support for rehabilitation and occupational retraining to replacement labour. This monthly benefit is generally around 50 to 60% of your average income and it is important that you choose a cover that works well with ACC.

Mortgage Protection

You have worked hard to move into your own home, but the future is unpredictable. If you are no longer able to earn an income, you want to make sure you still have a roof above your head. Similar to income protection, mortgage protection insurance pays out a monthly benefit in case you become seriously injured or sick and are unable to work. You can opt for additional redundancy cover which will help you out financially while you find a new job.

Either way, you need to choose which amount you want to receive each month, how long you are able to wait before your cover starts and how long you will need this support. Payments are made until the end of the specified term or if you are able to return to work, whichever comes first. Mortgage protection is generally paid on top of ACC which often makes it a better option than income protection.

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps provide for your loved ones in the event of your death or if you receive a terminal illness diagnosis such as cancer. Your family or beneficiaries will receive a one-off lump sum that can take care of immediate financial expenses such as funeral costs or debt repayments, as well as long-term commitments such as retirement savings, children’s education or to ensure a family business can continue to run. If you are terminally ill, you can also use part of that lump sum to cover medical costs or tick a few things off your bucket list.


In case of a serious accident or should you become critically ill or permanently disabled, you will receive either a lump sum or monthly payments that can be used to reduce your debt, cover living expenses including mortgage repayments, pay for ongoing medical costs or alternative treatments, safeguard your family’s financial future or simply go on a holiday and recuperate. The choice is yours.

Trauma insurance usually covers a range of life-threatening conditions including strokes and heart attacks as well as cancer. Payments cover up to 75% of your gross income prior to becoming unable to work and can be paid in instalments until the age of 65.